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It is immensely important to strive for an optimal quality of life as a desmoid patient. Desmoid CC wants to support and promote this. To this end, we have compiled relevant information and support for patients, loved ones and caregivers. Various testimonials from patients and loved ones are also offered to discover how others cope with the disease. If you would like to help expand this with additional information or testimonials, please do not hesitate to contact us!


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Both for patients with desmoid tumours and their relatives, we have listed all available information.
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Who are we?

Desmoid Cum Cura is part of the umbrella NPO Cum Cura for patients desmoid tumours, or aggressive fibromatosis.

Our objective is to create a true low-threshold healthcare community for and by patients and those around them. A community that offers support in good and not-so-good times.

Besides providing information about these rare tumours, the association also wants to support three target groups, namely patients, family/neighbours and their (para)medical care providers, in order to facilitate contact between fellow sufferers and improve quality of life. Scientific developments are monitored, translated and disseminated to the target groups.

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